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Top Reasons for Investing in south Florida Real Estate

By Ask Darnell | Business, Real Estate

Believe it or not but it’s an ideal time to buy a home in South Florida. Plus, this southernmost region of Florida is believed to be an ideal place to call home by many people. 

If you are thinking about buying a new home or investing in a second property, then know that South Florida can certainly be your top choice. Read on to find out all about why you should consider investing in South Florida real estate soon. 


The Location Is Stunning in South Florida



If owning a house in a beautiful location has always been your dream, then South Florida is the place to purchase one. Be it a high rise with seafront or a mansion by the back canals, an admirable hideout surrounded by palm trees, or an attractive retreat with beach access, South Florida has them all.


The Real Estate Market Is Blooming in South Florida


Do you know the home sales in Florida have increased by around 11% just in the past month alone? Well, the speed at which the South Florida real estate market is growing, securing a spectacular house here in a few years can seem like a distant dream. Therefore, now when you have the upper hand in going through more neighborhood options to find the right house, why wait for tomorrow!


Amazing Property Deals Are Vanishing Fast in South Florida


Over the past few years, more and more investors and buyers are taking interest in investing and purchasing properties in South Florida which have eventually. And it has led to properties with great prices turning into ‘sold out’ fast. So, now when there are still plenty of property opportunities, be a savvy buyer, and grab the best property deal now.


The Job Market Is Booming in South Florida




Often people doubt whether the job market condition should be in the list of what to look for when buying a house in South Florida. But what they miss out is the fact that the better the job market in a region the greater the growth.

Hence, with South Florida having a standard unemployment rate (3.9%) which is expected to decrease more with time and a 2% gain in jobs since 2017; the economic opportunities here are plenty. Better economic conditions make the region high-in-demand, making real estate prices go skyrocket.

Plus, being one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, the booming tourism also means better ROI even if you wish to make your property here a remote investment.


Best Weather Combined with Lively Culture


Image Source: WSJ


South Florida is not only widely known for its best climates in the country, but also its super-active and lively culture. Therefore, whether it’s a lovely home or a commercial real estate in South Florida you want to invest in, if you have tropical coastal climate criteria along with great nightlife, various daytime activities, theme parks, exploring culture and cuisine are on your mind, South Florida will suit you.


The Low Income Tax in South Florida


Are you aware that Florida is one of the very few states in the US with zero state income tax? Though Florida residents must abide by the federal income tax, still, the ‘no state income tax’ means more saving and less headache about maintaining a track of your income information for the season of state tax. 


Real estate company in florida - 1st source


Did you know that 1st Source offers many amazing property deals in prime locations across South Florida?

Be it investing or selling a property or buying commercial or residential property, from mortgage to financing, at 1st Source, we take care of everything at every step.

Our tried and trusted property listings make 1st source the most reliable and best place to buy a home in South Florida. So, get in touch with our real estate experts to find the best deal for you. 



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