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Perks of Buying A Vacation Home in Florida

By Ask Darnell | Business, Real Estate

Are you a city dweller looking for a vacation home? 

Buying a vacation home in the right locations means a lot to you as it will be your go-to vacation destination in the future. So, if you’re buying a vacation home in Florida for the first time and not sure about whether Florida can be an ideal place to invest in a vacation home or not, then check out these perks that a holiday home in Florida has to offer and turn your confused thought into a confident decision.

A Perfect Getaway Destination


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Are you buying a house in Florida for the first time? Well, then it’s obvious that you’re unaware of how it can be an excellent choice for a home away from home. 

Well, irrespective of whether you’re a retiree looking for a gateway to white sandy beaches or just a beach and sunshine lover, owning a second home here will let you enjoy the surroundings and know the ins and outs of the locality, along with what’s special there. 

Having a vacation home in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, i.e. Florida, let’s you take a vacation whenever you like without having to worry about the availability of hotels or resorts or the high seasonal room charges.

Plentiful Tax Advantages

Love a good amount of tax deductions? Then Florida is the place to own a vacation property. 

How to buy a house in Florida from out of state is not even an issue in this case. Because buying a second home makes you eligible for a considerable tax deduction in property taxes as well as mortgage interests. 

Well, to qualify for the tax break advantages, you must use your second home as a true vacation property and not as a rental property. Even if you do rent your vacation home, it should not be more than two weeks in a year.

Growing Real Estate Value


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Ask any top real estate companies in South Florida and they’ll all tell you how the property prices here are expected to reach sky-high in the coming years. 

Yes, the real estate market of Florida is booming as a result of the rapidly growing demand for real estate properties. And the vacation properties in Florida are believed to retain their value.  So, buying a second home here will add to your profitable long-term investments.

Additional Rental Income


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How much will be the rental charges per month is probably one of the major questions to ask when buying a house in Florida for vacation. After all, you always have the option of renting out your second home when it isn’t occupied. 

Considering the high rental charges of properties in certain areas during the tourist seasons in Florida, your vacation home can be an additional income source for you.

To ensure high rental income from your vacation home, the location of your second home must be a desirable one. To find the best vacation properties in the most popular areas that can turn out to be extremely profitable when you put them on rent, go through our buying a house in Florida checklist.

Simplified Travel and Packing


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Having a vacation home in Florida simplifies your packing and traveling. Buying a vacation house in Florida 2020 lets you conveniently store all the items that are exclusively needed for a great vacation on the beach. 

No need to carry your beach paraphernalia with you or worry about the household items you might need every time you go holidaying in Florida. Owning a second home there makes all the sudden unscheduled weekend trips to the Sunshine state simply stress-free.

Get Your Dream Vacation Home With 1st Source

Just as going on a perfect vacation requires a lot of planning and logistics, buying the right vacation home requires the same.

So, if you need professional guidance to find the best vacation home deals in Florida, contact us at 1st Source, one of the reputed and best real estate agents in Florida, right away.

Our real estate professionals have in-depth knowledge about the real estate market conditions and different localities and neighborhoods in Florida. So, choosing us will get you the best guidance in buying the right vacation home and that also for all the right reasons.


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