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Guide to Buy a Hurricane Proof House in Florida

By Ask Darnell | Business, Real Estate

The year-round sunny weather, miles of white sandy beaches, numerous outdoor activities, thriving nightlife, and affordable lifestyle of Florida attracts people to become residents here. But do you know that the  Sunshine State also tops the list of most hurricane-prone states in the country?

Yes, while the hurricane season here is usually from June to November; September is the peak month that witnesses maximum storm activity.

With over 21 million people living here who are rather happy to call Florida their home, we see no reason for you to be worried. But you definitely need to be cautious when selecting a home. Let’s see what are the things you need to check out to be sure the home you’re buying is sturdy enough to withstand the force of a hurricane.


Doors And Windows


Guide to Buy a Hurricane Proof House in Florida 1


The doors and windows of a house are the most unguarded and unsafe entry points for both flood water and hard wind. Therefore, when buying a house in Florida, you need to make sure these things:

  • The doors are hurricane-resistant which makes them much stronger than any average doors.
  • The windows are either made with hurricane-resistant glass or there are additional heavy-duty storm shutters to keep out the high-flying debris that may be swept up by the winds.
  • The garage door is built with specialized strength to prevent the hurricane wind from taking it down and getting inside the garage to form a powerful wind tunnel that can even rip off the roof if strong enough.

To prevent future structural damage to your home, it’s essential to pay attention to the durability and sturdiness of the doors and windows of a house.


The Roof Construction


Guide to Buy a Hurricane Proof House in Florida


Hurricane-force winds can build up a negative pressure that may lead to a lifting force that can rip the roof right off of your home. And once the roof comes off, the entire building becomes exposed to serious risks of falling apart.

Therefore, when looking for a house in Florida to buy, make sure it has got a well-prepared roof that is not just anchored to the walls but all the way down to the foundation of the house through the walls.

Thanks to tremendous advancements in home building improvements, now it’s possible to use different fastening and materials to ensure a hurricane-optimized roof, properly secured to the house. Plus, the use of sealing and waterproofing materials also help in slowing down and even preventing chances of interior damage during fierce hurricanes.

Enquiring about the roof construction details can help you buy a flawlessly built hurricane-proof home.


The Age Of The Roof


No matter where you buy your dream house in Florida, the age of the roof should be a concern. The older the roof, the more it has braved severe weather conditions.

During Hurricane Irma in 2017, many houses throughout Central Florida suffered shredded roofs, while some had just leaks, some even had their shingles completely ripped off the roofs.

While inspecting the house you’re planning to buy, if the age of the roof raises concerns, make sure to take the roof replacement cost into consideration.


The Age Of The Home


Guide to Buy a Hurricane Proof House in Florida 2


While most buyers prefer to opt for new constructions, there are also those who like to purchase old houses. But when it’s in Florida, knowing when the house was built is important.

Every time a serious hurricane made landfall, such as Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Hurricane Charley in 2004, Hurricane Michael is 2018, the construction practices such as sloping requirements, number of nails on the roof, etc. have witnessed new state standards for improved safety. The Florida Building Code is changed and modified every three years.

To minimize the risks of incurring damages from a powerful hurricane, enquiring about whether the home you’re interested in is built before the current Florida Building Code or not is crucial. 


Proximity To Water and Flood Resistance Structure


Guide to Buy a Hurricane Proof House in Florida 3


Is the home that you’re planning to buy in Florida located near the water? Well, then further precautions are required before buying it. Because one huge wave and your dream home can turn into a nightmare.

There are certain perks of owning a home near the water in Florida. The uninterrupted view, the easy access to water adventure activities, and certainly the environment has always made houses on the water more alluring. 

If that’s the case for you, keep certain things in mind to ensure your house can withstand hurricanes, such as:

  • Make sure the house is built on higher ground as it lowers the chances of flooding
  • The house is elevated on wooden pilings/steel/concrete or properly anchored to solid rocks.

When buying a home near the water, looking for a house with just hurricane withstanding power is not enough. The house needs to be strategically made to combat the flooding effects as well. The hazards of flooding may not be considered as dangerous as that of hurricanes, but they can destroy your property and put you and your family in peril.


Ending Note

Purchasing a home in Florida calls for proper research and preparations. At times, this hurricane-prone state goes years without hurricanes making landfall. But still, there’s no harm in practicing caution. 

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Having lived here through the sunshine as well as the storms, both near misses and catastrophic, we know exactly the importance of living in a strong and safe house.

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