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Benefits of Buying a Condo in South Florida

By Ask Darnell | Business, Real Estate

Have the year-round sunny weather and the accessibility to numerous stunning beaches made you fall in love with South Florida? 

Confused about whether buying a condo in South Florida will be a good investment or not? Here is your guide.


Advantages of Buying a Condo in South Florida 


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Since every property type has its own pros and cons over the others. Let’s check out the major perks of buying a condo in South Florida.


Greater Views of The City and Surroundings


Florida is popular for its stellar views. And a condo can help you enjoy this very beauty of Florida that is otherwise difficult to get from a home. 

Homes are usually a maximum of four stories tall and don’t have great views if there’s a nearby construction of the same height. Whereas, when you choose the best place to buy a condo in Florida 2020, that too in a high-rise building, you get access to much better and uninterrupted views.

Buying a condo on a high floor makes you feel close to the natural beauty and even lets you witness a bird’s-eye view of the city.


Luxurious Amenities for Lesser Cost


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Want a fitness center? Or a pool? Some quality time with friends at a community clubhouse? Well, owning a condo can give you access to such five-star amenities, availing which otherwise can be highly expensive.

Yes, there are many condo communities in South Florida, that provide their residents with top-tier amenities that are usually out of reach of average homeowners. Include the amenities you want in your checklist for buying a condo in Florida to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious Condo-life.


A Long-Term Profitable Investment


Do you plan to visit your condo in South Florida once or twice a year or use it for vacation purposes only? Then you can turn it into a lucrative investment by renting it out to the tourists for the rest of the year. 

The rental demand is high and constantly growing in South Florida due to the scenic beaches here and a multitude of outdoor entertainment options. Therefore, if the condo you own here is in a prime location of South Florida, it can serve as a profitable source of additional income.


Greater Sense of Safety & Security


Every person has different requirements when it comes to choosing an ideal property type. Hence, when buying a condo in Florida pros and cons must be considered. Yes, there are certain cons of condos over a house, but you can’t deny the sense of safety and security that condos offer.

Most of the condos in South Florida come with security guards and are gated which reduces the risks of burglary, intrusions, or unwanted visitors entering the property. Plus, living in a condo means immediate access to the condo community and proximity to neighbors, which can make you feel safer.


Fewer Repair and Maintenance Concerns


Less maintenance is probably the biggest benefit of owning a condo. 

Unlike a house where you have your own garden and lawns to maintain and you are responsible for its upkeep; in condos, people do the maintenance work for you.

They maintain the grounds, cut the grass, fix the roof, and replace the siding. Plus, whatever outdoor maintenance or repair works are done, the bills are shared among the condo residents every month to pay. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget yet want to live in South Florida, investing in condos in Florida can be a great idea.


More Affordable Than A Single-Family House


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The cost of a house and condo depends on the property value of the neighborhood, the size of the property, and the cost of living in that particular area. But typically, compared to a single-family home, a condo comes much cheaper.

Yes, studies show that while the average selling price of a condo in Florida is around 192,000 in 2019.

The average sale price of a single-family house in Florida in 2020 is around $270,000.


Closer Proximity to Downtown Areas


In South Florida, many condos are located near areas that offer a vibrant city life. If you are one of those who want to commute to your job by bike or walking instead of spending hours stuck in rush hour traffic, then living in condos close to downtown can be extremely rewarding.

Plus, owning a condo near a thriving downtown or prime neighborhood in South Florida also makes it easy for you to access the major places of entertainment and attractions.


Wrapping Up


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Don’t know what questions to ask when buying a condo in Florida? Then you need the proper guidance of real estate professionals like us, 1st Source.

We are dedicated to providing the best experience to every buyer looking for their dream home in Florida. Whether you’re interested in buying a townhouse in Florida or renting one, we bring you property deals that perfectly suit the style, quality, and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

If owning a condo in South Florida sounds right for you, contact us to know about the best and latest condo deals at the prime locations in South Florida.


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