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8 Smart Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Florida

By Ask Darnell | Business, Real Estate

Are you first time home buyers in Florida?

Well, then you must be excited about it and you should be. After all, it is probably the biggest buy of your life.

But, don’t forget, buying a home for the first time can be an overwhelming as well as nerve-wracking experience as you’re neither familiar with the process nor aware of the surprise expenses. 

So, for all the first-time home buyers out there looking forward to purchasing their dream home in Florida, here are our top tips to make the home-buying process a smooth and enjoyable one.


Checklist for First Time Home Buyers in Florida


#1 Have a clear idea of what you want


8 Smart Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Florida


Do you know what type of home in Florida you want?

If you don’t know whether you want to buy a villa or a condo or an apartment, it’ll be difficult for you to navigate the next steps of first-time home buying.

Whether you have reasons to hire a real estate agent or decide to do it by yourself, you must know whether you want a house with a swimming pool or patio or not or how many bedrooms, bathrooms, must be there or whether you’ll like a garden or a shed or car garage in your dream house.


#2 Know how much you can afford


When buying a house in Florida for the first time, once you know the type of home you want, next will be determining how much you can afford to spend safely.

Everyone dreams of having their own little piece of abode to call home. But you need to know your price range before going on looking for houses. Take the help of home affordability calculators or a financial specialist if need be; but make sure you don’t end up buying a house, maintaining the expenses of which turns your dream home into a living nightmare.


#3 Don’t hesitate to negotiate


8 Smart Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Florida 2


First-time home buyers often think that a listed house price can’t be negotiated. But, guess what, buying a house is where your negotiation skills must be used.

No matter how many first-time home buyer Florida down payment assistance programs there are to help you out; you work hard for your money; hence you must try to ensure you invest it the way you want.

For example, if you notice any dispute in the foundation or the amenities in your new house while on a home tour, don’t hesitate to put in a counteroffer or ask the seller to repair those or reduce the price as you have to bear the costs of fixing those.


#4 Inspect the new house thoroughly


8 Smart Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Florida 3


Say you’ve found your dream house. But before you put in the purchase offer, get an expert to come and check the house. The last thing you want is to find out that your new home has too many defects.

Yes, most of the time first-time home buyers opt for newly constructed properties than second-hand ones. However, damages can happen to any property, new or old.


#5 Pay down your existing debts


8 Smart Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Florida 4


The cost of owning a house doesn’t end with even the closing costs. From regular maintenance to repairs, the expenses for various home improvement projects are also down the line.

And this is probably why being debt-free before you decide to purchase your first home is one of the vital tips for buying a house in Florida.

Paying down all your present and previous debts and pausing new credit activities like taking a car loan or getting a new credit card, can only help you make a higher down payment as well as be more at peace with your biggest investment, i.e. buying a home.


#6 Save for the closing costs


As first-time buyers, be aware that apart from a good amount of down payment, you need to also save for closing costs. The closing costs are all the extra, and additional expenses that one has to pay once purchasing a home is finalized. Therefore, make sure to save for the closing costs for your dream home that usually includes attorney fees, inspection fees, insurance, credit report charges, etc.


#7 Research home-buying assistance programs


8 Smart Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Florida 5


Do you know that many cities and states, in addition to federal programs, offer different programs to assist first-time homebuyers, and Florida is one of those? So, before you start looking for a home, you must find out what programs are available for first-time home buyers in Florida.

Just check for the first-time home buyer program Florida qualifications. Once you match the criteria, you can enjoy numerous perks such as low down payment loans, low-interest-rate mortgages, tax credits, interest-free loans (up to a specific amount), closing cost assistance, etc.


#8 Hire the right real estate agent


8 Smart Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Florida 6


Do you know hiring the right realtor like 1st Source can save you from most of the complexities associated with buying a house for the first time such as knowing about the Florida housing first-time homebuyer program?

Yes, before you go crazy finding the right home for sale in Florida, just take one step back and hire a professional agent who has the right knowledge, and experience to guide you.

You can’t purchase everything over the internet, at least not your first dream home. The right agents not only have access to the latest and best property deals in Florida; but also access to such property listings that aren’t even on a website.


If you’re confused about where to find such agents, start by contacting us, 1st Source, and connect with our expert real estate agents right away!


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