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7 Steps to Follow Before Renting Out Property in Florida

By Ask Darnell | Business, Real Estate

The very thought of renting out property in Florida can be stressful. Not to mention the actual process of doing so that can be more nerve-racking than you might have expected.

But things are much easier if you take into consideration certain things in advance. 


Checklist for Renting Out Property in Florida


So, let’s check out the things you need to do, research, and consider before you actually put your Florida property up for rent, whether it’s your house, a condo, or a holiday home. 


Analyze the Desirability Factor of The Property

renting out property in Florida

Before you put your property out for rent, you must make sure whether it’s desirable or not for the renters. 

Wondering how you can do that, well, start with asking yourself these questions:

  • Is your property spacious enough?
  • Is it ideal for a family or single renter?
  • Is it in a prime location?
  • Does it have any nearby tourist attractions?
  • Does it offer a beach view?
  • How is the neighborhood?

Being true to yourself about the actual desirability of your property will only help you market it better, rent it fast, and get the right rent.


Get the Property Insurance Done

renting out property in Florida

No one wants their property to get damaged. But when you rent it out, you never know what might happen as it’ll be the renters taking care of it now. 

So, before renting it out, get property insurance that offers proper coverages.

You can also consider taking a security deposit from the renters. 

So, in case your property suffers any small breakage or damage due to their negligence, you won’t have to go for insurance claims. 


Record the Property Condition Before Renting Out


Once the tenants are finalized and the agreement is signed, consider walking the property premises with your tenant, logging the condition of your property, and taking pictures of it. It will benefit both you and your tenants. 

Well, pictures don’t lie! So, when the tenants will move out, there will be no room for any disagreement regarding the property condition.


Fix a Property Rent According to The Expenses of Owning It


rent property in florida


Before listing your property for rent, you need to determine the rent price. And while determining that, you must consider all the expenses that you have to incur from owning and maintaining your property. 

Plus, doing some research in the local rental market to see how much rent similar properties ask for is also suggested to come up with a realistic and appropriate rent price.


Screen the Potential Renters Carefully


As a result of listing your property for rent and proper marketing, you are likely to find several interested renters. But it’s always suggested to settle for those who are most responsible. Yes, before agreeing to rent out, these are things you need to check:

  • Perform a background check
  • Look for their credit history or criminal record
  • Ask them the right questions
  • Observe how they react to your renting terms and conditions

Knowing in advance, how reliable and responsible your renter is, helps avoid unnecessary headaches, disagreements, and unpleasant eviction situations in the future.


Inspect Your Property Thoroughly


Want to give your renters a fine impression of their potential living condition in your property? Then, make sure to inspect your property well before renting it out and make the necessary cleaning and repairs done.

Keeping your property clean and ensuring that all utilities of your property such as appliances, electrical and plumbing are in proper working condition, always impress the tenants. 


Hire A Professional Agent


You can make the entire process of turning your property into a rental one a simple task by hiring the right real estate agents.

There are numerous laws and restrictions related to renting out a property in Florida. And if you aren’t already into those, understanding them all overnight and knowing which one applies to your property is impossible.

A professional real estate agent already knows about the latest and updated property rules and regulations.

A seemingly simple renting process involves talking with accountants and estate attorneys to abide by the local property rules, tax laws, and zoning ordinance.

Even to know for sure whether renting out your property makes you eligible for tax deductions or not, you need professional consolations.


Rent Your Property Out With 1st Source


Rent out property in florida with 1st source


When potential pitfalls of renting out a property are addressed and prevented, it can be beneficial for both the owner and the renter. 

Having years of experience and in-depth knowledge about Florida’s real estate market, we, at 1st Source can guide you through at every step of renting out your property. We deal with all the related issues and risks as well.

From taking care of the legalities, local property renting rules, tax laws to negotiating a rent that is in your best interest, and marketing your property, we take care of it all.

Connect with us today to reap the maximum benefits of renting out your property while we take the responsibilities involved.


Written by

Ask Darnell