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6 Best Places to Buy a Home and Raise Family in Florida

By Ask Darnell | Business, Real Estate

Florida is well-known for its always pleasant weather and low-cost of living. If you are planning to settle down here, you are not making a mistake, but rather taking a wise decision. 

But, do you know which places or cities here can be ideal not only for you but also for your spouse, kids, and parents? 

Well, in case you want to know about the best places to buy a home and raise family in Florida, then here is our top selection you must keep in mind when buying a house in Florida. 




Maitland - Pinterest

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Area: 16.86 km²

Closest Major City: Orlando (around 6 miles)

Population: 17,947 (2018)

This suburban city, part of the Greater Orlando area, in Florida is surrounded by beautiful gardens and lakes. Situated just north of Disney World, Maitland can certainly be one of the best places to live in Florida 2020 for families. 

Be it education or work or the presence of amenities for family comfort, or huge parks and museums this city has them all which makes it an ideal choice for raising a family.


Cape Coral



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Area: 309.2 km²

Closest Major City: Saint Petersburg (around 119 miles)

Population: 1.89 lakhs (2018)

Located near the Georgia state border, this city is known for its picturesque canals, low cost of living, and minimal crime which also makes it one of the safest cities in Florida to raise a family

This growing city provides most of the amenities that you may want from a beach town. Numerous natural preserves, hundreds of miles of canals, and serval parks make it an ideal area for living in bliss with your family.

According to Fox4, a news channel in southwest Florida, Cape Coral tops the list of areas with the fastest-growing job market.




Area: 2,265 km²

Closest Major City: Orlando (around 125 miles)

Population: 9.04 lakhs (2018)

Though one of the most populous cities in Florida, Jacksonville is one of the most affordable places to raise a family in Florida. 

From low-cost living to reasonable housing prices, access to several popular colleges and universities, or a rising job market this city can be an abode for families. The nice sandy beaches, abundant waterways, outdoor activities, and eclectic neighborhoods add a distinct charm to this beachside city.


Winter Park


Photograph By: Scott Cook


Area: 26.34 km²

Closest Major City: Orlando (around 5 miles)

Population: 31,059 (2018)

Another family-friendly city in Florida, Winter Park can be the best area to live in Florida for nature lovers as well those who enjoy the sunshine for the area not only enjoys 238 sunny days in a year but is home to more than 70 parks.

From art galleries to parks, world-class museums, and of course beaches, this suburb has plenty of outdoor spaces. Not only the attractions in Orlando city are just a few minutes away from here, but Winter Park itself offers year-round festivals and celebrations enough to keep families and children content. 

While the unemployment rate here is 33% lower, the per capita income rate is 85% higher than the national average.




Tampa - Pinterest

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Area: 455.4 km²

Closest Major City: Saint Petersburg (around 18 miles)

Population: 3.93 lakhs (2018)

This city in Hillsborough County is not only pretty affordable but has something to offer everyone. Yes, despite being a business center, Tampa is known for its various cultural offerings, museums, amusement parks, beaches, lovely weather, and alluring neighborhoods. 

Considering the rapidly increasing number of residents each year and increased home values here, contacting top real estate agents in South Florida to buy a house here can be a great idea if raising a family in diverse neighborhoods is something you crave for.




USA, Florida, Miami cityscape as seen from air

Image Source: National Geographic


Area: 143.1 km²

Closest Major City: Hialeah (around 8 miles)

Population: 4.71 lakhs (2018)

A hotbed for culture, Miami aka the City of Miami is a major tourist spot in Florida. From vibrant nightlife to various outdoor recreations, this beach city offers them all to its residents. 

Though the unemployment rate is comparatively high here than other cities in Florida; when it comes to education, this city houses two major universities i.e. Florida International University and the University of Miami.

If you are looking for buying a house in an area that will be near the highways with easy access to other areas, close to the beach as well, and will have great neighborhoods, this place is your cue to start consulting a real estate company in Florida.


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