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6 Amazingly Affordable Communities in South Florida

By Ask Darnell | News, web

Southern Florida, especially the region around Miami is a pleasant place to live. Unfortunately, some locations in this region are very expensive and won’t easily fit into a modest budget. The more affordable areas are usually unsuitable with higher crime rates and poor facilities. However, there are some areas where you can find a good combination of affordability and quality. Here’s a list of great and affordable towns and cities in Southern Florida:

1. Pompano Beach

This city has a high teacher-to-student ratio and ample opportunities for employment, which makes it a good option for both students and people looking for a job. The city has several amenities, provides a reasonably good commuting system, and has a warm and welcoming feel. Housing is relatively affordable so even people on a limited budget can find something worthwhile here.

2. West Park

This area has higher than average rent but the houses are still quite affordable if you intend to purchase new property. This town is close to Miami so you can easily commute to the city for work, without wasting too much time or money.

3. Richmond West

Richmond West is a suburb near Miami, which means it offers an affordable commute to the city as well. The house prices are quite low and the area has only 30,000 residents so you can find a comfortable and spacious location to settle down in.

4. Lauderhill

This is the most affordable location on this list because the property rates as well as the cost of living are low. This is a great neighborhood with plenty of entertainment options. The town is home to over 22 parks and entertainment facilities so you’re certain to find something that suits your interests.

5. Davie

Davie is the third largest town is the US and has a population of around 93,000 people. However, the average cost of the residential property in this location is quite low. This town is also known for excellent education facilities. There are 8 college campuses and excellent schools as well.

6. Plantation

Plantation is an ideal choice for young families because it has outstanding public and private schools. The average residential property cost is low enough to make this place a good option for young families.

These are some of the most affordable and good places to give in South Florida. The property rates are reasonable and the communities are great for families and children. If you want to know more, you can speak with an experienced real estate agent. They’ll help you find the fit.


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Ask Darnell